Tuesday, January 16

Six (6) New Releases On Bandcamp in January 2018

Where Is The Spaceman?

High Castle

Blow Up

Stoned Storm

South Sun


Sunday, January 7

Four (4) New Releases On Bandcamp in 2018

Travel To The Stars

Digital Wildlife


Sunset Morning

Saturday, December 9

"The Games We Play" Kongsi KL, Kuala Lumpur. 9 & 10th December 2017

"The Games We Play"
Interactive audio + visual 
Goh Lee Kwang 吴利光
Wong Eng Leong 黄英隆

At Kongsi KL, Gudang Yee Seng, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

About the piece:
"The Games We Play" is a created by Goh Lee Kwang as a work with open platform, the piece open for various possibility, allow the participant(s) to bring in their own identity and throw in their own idea, discussion happen among the participants on the direction they are going, setting the parameter on how hard they like to push the piece / how they like to challenge the audiences. 

Wong Eng Leong is video artist from Malaysia. Working across media, He has created video installation, sonic-visual interactive installations, single channel videos, multi channel videos, live video projections. His work often deal with political and social issues. He has been exhibited extensively in Malaysia and abroad. He is also a founding member of FINDARS and MOUTOU, an artist collective based in Kuala Lumpur. Together with his colleagues in FINDARS and MOUTOU, Wong undertaken various curatorial projects in their own space. FINDARS and MOUTOU artist-run space is an alternative multifunctional space in Kuala Lumpur, organized art exhibition, underground music concert,experimental music concert and workshop, audio visual performance and experimental film screening since 2008.

Goh Lee Kwang is a prolific artist who wears many hats. He is a sound artist and composer. He also runs the the label Herbal Records. His own bandcampe page features a staggering 671 releases. He also organizes the Switch On Mini Festival, which brings together local and international sound artists in the hub of Kuala Lumpur. Goh Lee Kwang states that the medium of Sound as art relies upon the response created in the listener for its existence. Without the receptivity and response from a listener, the sound ceases to exist, does not take up any space. What I have observed and enjoyed most about Lee Kwang as an artist is the invitation by himself and his artwork to participate in a relationship. The dedicated listener may perceive new worlds, strange sound textures and maybe even find within themselves new and unusual experiences.

Saturday, November 11

The River Is Our School 【School Is Cool​!​!】

In 2013 I formed a studio band called The River Is Our School (Don't ask how and why the name came from), it is basically doing loosely composed lo-fi, minimal pieces.

This more then 300 minute compilation is the band's complete studio recording between 2013 to 2016, included 1 previously never release track "School Holiday" recorded in 2013, a piece title "Angry Bird (2014)" which not in the archive but found online, a 2015 remastered version of "Hope", and collaboration project with DJ Misc. in 2016.

Friday, October 28

Vital Weekly Review

Vital Weekly
Labelboss Goh Lee Kwang is also very active as a composer of his own music and on his 'Back2Bed' he adds something to the music that we don't see a lot these days and that is humour. The cover is in simple cartoon style, including text balloon's and the instruments are 'guitars, electronics, etc.'. The best are the three pieces that come next and which make up some fifty-five minutes of music. In 'No Beat' we have indeed no beats, but some fine chaotic electronic sound, of loops swirling in out of the mix, both continuously bouncing around, as well one-off affairs thrown in. 'The Rolling Stoner' (see? humour!) is more about field recordings being electronically processed, but there might be some kind of guitar pushed around in the background, and slowly grows into a bigger beast of improvised sounds on the guitar and percussion, but it seems to me that electronics play an important role here. In it's seventeen minutes it is fiercely leaping around and has a very free and spacious feeling. The final piece is 'Tanah Air - My Land' and is very sparse, with a clicking/scratching sound and field recordings of thunder. In all of these three pieces Goh Lee Kwang shows he's capable of playing around with a limited amount of sounds for a longer amount of time and keeping it all interesting, moving them around in changing configurations.
- Frans De Waard -